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In November 2011 Herbie’s People performed what was intended to be a farewell gig, going out as Danny Cannon and the Ramrods. The venue was the brilliant Robin2 in Bilston, one of the country’s most prestigious and multi-award- winning rock venues. But the Ramrods were invited to do another gig on 12th April 2017! Still up for the challenge they readily agreed, with proceeds going to a worthwhile cause approved by all. High Jinx was the brilliant support band. It turned out to be the most successful reunion gig the Ramrods had done. Acclaim was universal. Even today, the Ramrods are remembered for their vibrant performances, and the 2017 gig amply showed that the lads have not lost any of their verve or enthusiasm over the years. To a packed house they wowed the fans again with some stirring rock’n’roll classics from Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Cliff Richard, Status Quo, Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Marvin Rainwater and others. Danny said, “I suppose there'll be a feeling of sadness when it’s all over, but at some time you’ve got to call a halt. But it’s great to know that we’re still capable of turning out a decent performance. Something to remind the fans how we were all those years ago. We achieved a lot, got a large fan base, made records, wrote songs, and played great venues.” PostScript:  After Herbie’s People disbanded in the late 60s the five went on to make their mark in other careers. Danny became a lecturer, Len ran a successful gaming business then became a much sought-after juke box engineer, and Mike has written ten novels for a major publishing house and founded Excalibur Hygiene Ltd. Pete became a journalist (working at the Wolverhampton Express & Star for a while), and Alan, now retired, was an engineer and played drums in a variety of bands. All are now retired, but still very active.  
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Also appearing at the Robin2 were Ricky Burns and The Vibras. Although Ricky, better known as ELO bassist and vocalist Kelly Groucutt is sadly no longer with us, his son Chris played in his place, alongside his late dad’s fellow rockers Terry Garvey, lead guitar and vocals, Les Willis, rhythm guitar and vocals, bassist Jimmy Groucutt - no relation - and drummer Barry Fletcher. Completing the bill were The Heavily Brothers, alias Ian and Lee Beddow, Len’s sons.
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The Farewell Gig raised almost £2000 for the charity Cancer Research.
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